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Champions and Finalists

Champions and Finalists for the 2021 Hard Rock Stone Works Invitational

Div Champion Finalist
Under8BoysMagic Black 13BMI REV 13 Eagles
U9Boys_GoldNationals Macomb Selects 12 Boys BlackMI REV 12 Eagles
U10Boys_SilverMi Lightning 2011 Boys GoldNationals Macomb 11 Boys Red
U11Boys_SilverTSC Warriors 10MI REV 10 PATRIOTS
U11-12Boys_GoldLiverpool FC MI 09 B AcademyLiverpool FC MI Ann Arbor 10B Academy
U12Boys_SilverMI REV 09 RANGERSFSC Select 09
U13Boys_GoldMichigan Lightning 08 WhiteExpress FC 08 Boys
U13Boys_Silver1Nationals Select Macomb 2008 Boys BlackLiverpool FC MI Central 08 B Premier
U13Boys_Silver2Michigan Burn B08 WhiteReign FC 08 Boys
U14-15Boys_GoldMagic Soccer 06BMI REV 06 PATRIOTS
U17Boys_GoldLiverpool FC MI Ann Arbor 04B AcademyLiverpool FC MI Ann Arbor 05B Academy
U17Boys_SilverSporting Michigan 04 Boys BlueSporting Michigan 2005 Boys Blue
HSOpenBoysMI REV 03 EAGLESMagic Black
Under8-9GirlsUnited FC 12G-WHLiverpool FC MI Ann Arbor 12G Academy
U10Girls_SilverMichigan Lightning 2011 Blue GirlsMI Lightning Girls 2012 White
U11Girls_SilverUnited FC 11G-GROxford Wildcats 2010 Gold Girls
Under11-12GirlsMichigan Lightning 2010 WhiteMI Lightning 09 Blue Girls
U13Girls_SilverMi Lightning 08 Girls BlueRomeo FC Girls Black (Raptors)
U14-15GirlsMI REV 07/06 StarsMagic Black 07G



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